Gas Up at Percy's Hardware Company

Get your full propane refill at our store in Litchfield, ME

It's the perfect summer day and you're just about to fire up the grill and start flipping burgers for your family. As you attempt to turn on the grill, you realize you're fresh out of propane.

Burgers just won't be the same cooked over the stove. Luckily, you can head over to Percy's Hardware Company for a propane refill and get back to being a grill master in no time. Our hardware store in Litchfield, ME is a trusted propane supplier and will keep your tank full year-round.

Don't let your family go burger-less. Visit our store in Litchfield, ME for a propane refill.

Driving on empty?

Driving on empty?

If your gas light just came on in your RV, you'd better head to Percy's Hardware Company fast. Who knows when you'll come across another nearby propane station.

You can rely on us as your go-to propane supplier in Litchfield, ME. Without propane, you could....

  • Ruin a perfect summer barbecue
  • Do damage to your RV's fuel system
  • Delay your family camping trip

Play it safe and get a propane refill at Percy's Hardware Company. Call now to inquire about our store hours.